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All About the TC Kids Training Program!

posted on Fri, Feb 17 2017 3:05 pm by TCM Staff

We hear you're interested in the FREE Medtronic TC Kids Marathon training program, but not sure of exactly what that means. We're happy to tell you is as simple as it sounds. Sign up online and begin to train for your half mile, mile, two mile, or 5K race today! 

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NBC's Natalie Morales starts kids' shoes for charity

posted on Tue, Jan 3 2017 10:57 am by TCM Staff

Natalie Morales recently partnered with popular U.S. running shoe brand, Reebok, to create kids' shoes for charity! 

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TC Kids Cross Country Fun Run

posted on Fri, Feb 17 2017 2:57 pm by TCM Staff

Experience the joy of running and pride of accomplishment at our fun run! 


Help kids earn confidence and pride and inspire them to develop a life-long love of being active!

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Medtronic TC Family Events

posted on Fri, Feb 3 2017 3:31 pm by TCM Staff

Walk, jump or run, wiggle or crawl, there's fun at our races to be had by all!


Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon Weekend is fun for the whole family!


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