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All About the TC Kids Training Program!

posted on Fri, Feb 17 2017 3:05 pm by TCM Staff

We hear you're interested in the FREE Medtronic TC Kids Marathon training program, but not sure of exactly what that means. We're happy to tell you is as simple as it sounds. Sign up online and begin to train for your half mile, mile, two mile, or 5K race today! 

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Inspiring Healthy Lifestyles

Twin Cities In Motion and Medtronic have teamed up to create the Medtronic TC Kids Marathon, a community-wide effort that inspires healthy lifestyles, especially among children.

Medtronic TC Kids Marathon operates under a simple premise: the sooner we can instill healthy lifestyles in our kids, the better health they will have later in life. A major contributor to a healthy lifestyle is getting regular exercise.

Free Online Training Programs

Teachers, youth programmers and parents can get kids active using our fun, FREE and flexible training programs! Choose from a 12, 8, or 4-week program!

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Programs are recommended for kids in grades K-8. Programs are geared to varied levels of fitness and can be customized for either the classroom environment or for running at home.

Fun & Motivation

We have surprises every step of the way! Kids in the training program and at events receive participant gifts! Learn about more incentives available from our sporting goods partners here!

Events For Kids & Families

Celebrate your training by bringing classes and families together for a fun-filled race day at the next upcoming event!

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