All About the TC Kids Training Program!

posted on Fri, Feb 17 2017 3:05 pm by TCM Staff


We hear you're interested in the FREE Medtronic TC Kids Marathon training program, but not sure of exactly what that means. We're happy to tell you is as simple as it sounds. Sign up online and begin to train for your half mile, mile, two mile, or 5K race today! 


What is the Medtronic TC Kids Marathon training program?

The Medtronic TC Kids Marathon program is a community-wide effort designed by Twin Cities In Motion and Medtronic. Our goal is to make it easy for parents and teachers to inspire healthy lifestyles, especially among children. We want to make exercise fun and achievable for all kids.


To make it simple, you run, and we'll help make it fun and easy! Once you sign up for the program, you'll be able to track your activities using our online portal! We offer a wide variety of downloadable materials, such as starter 5K training plans, training logs, coloring pages, and tips for making running fun and safe!


What else? 

In addition to the downloadable materials and online tracking portal, we want to mail you free gifts to make training milestones more memorable! When you sign up to receive incentives, parents and teachers are mailed special Medtronic TC Marathon-branded gifts made especially for kids along their 12-, 8-, or 4-week training journey!


Finally, your kids will feel prepared and confident to run on race day! Celebrate your hard work at one of three events throughout the year! Events take place in the Twin Cities in February, May, and October! Register online and take part in a fun race, receive a participant gift and finisher medal, and enjoy the feeling of achieving your goals at our half mile, one mile, two mile, or 5K races! 


So, what are you waiting for?

Sign Up Today!

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